Bitcoin is Trending on Google
Bitcoin Google Trends Height 2019

Bitcoin is Trending on Google

Finally, after a long crypto winter, Bitcoin has managed to break the $10,000 barrier yet again! A height that the world’s leading cryptocurrency has not seen for 456 days!

Since commencing its upwards climb earlier in April, Bitcoin has seen recent phenomenal gains that make anyone reminiscence of the 2017 bull-run. But Bitcoin did not just climb back over $10,000, it blew completely past it! Just 4 days ago Bitcoin broke the psychological $10,000 barrier and it is already now trading at $13,600 and showing very few signs of slowing down.

Bitcoin Leads, Altcoin Bleeds

While Bitcoin is leading the way among cryptos, almost all altcoins in the top 100 are bleeding, when looking at its BTC value. A clear indicator that traders are emptying their altcoin bags in exchange for Bitcoin, to maximize their short-term gains.

Bitcoin Perfect 100 Google Trends Score

But that is far from the only place where Bitcoin is peaking. Bitcoin also maxed out on Google trends, with a perfect 100 trending score, on the same day it broke $10,000. A perfect score that Bitcoin has not had since its last bull-run in December 2017, when it peaked at $19,000.

Bitcoin Tops Google Trends June 2019 Bull Run
Bitcoin Tops Google Trends June 2019 Bull Run
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