HitBTC Crypto Exchange Review

Recommended Level: Advanced+

HitBTC was founded in 2013 through a classic venture capital investment, with a $6 million backing. It is today one of the biggest, most well-known and busiest dedicated Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world.

Cryptocurrencies Trading at HitBTC

They cover the most popular and trading cryptocurrencies for trading on their exchange, supporting giants such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and over 300 other popular cryptocurrencies available for trading on their bitcoin exchange.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

HitBTC is a pure cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange, with deposit and withdrawals exclusively available in any cryptocurrency on their site. If you are worried about losing value on any asset you may have stored, fear not as HitBTC also lists a wide range of stablecoins, such as USDT.

Purchasing Bitcoins with your credit card is possible. Navigate to the deposit page and at the top, it will guide you through how to buy Bitcoin directly with your credit card.

Transaction & Trading Fees

Fees for executing a trade on HitBTC’s cryptocurrency exchange is by default between 0.1% and 0.2%. The average fees across all exchange sites are in the region of 0.25%, HitBTC is therefore well below average trading fee structures. If you expect to be a high volume trader, you can benefit from even lower fees, so that the more you trade, the lower the fees will be.

Supported & Restricted Countries

HitBTC Bitcoin exchange is a global enterprise accessible for bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading all around the world. HitBTC currently only lists one location as being restricted from their service; Japan.

Security at HitBTC

HitBTC uses cold storage to keep their traders’ funds safe – these are essentially bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallets that are disconnected from the Internet and only accessed when needed. In addition to this, you are also able to enable 2-step authentication, so that nobody but you will ever be able to access your account. As always, we strongly encourage everyone to use this feature.

How is the Customer Support at HitBTC?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges all suffer from the lack of Live Chat, often simply due to the staggering amount of daily active customers they have. HitBTC is no exception here, as they currently only provide customer support through a ticketing area of their website after you log in to your account.

HitBTC Trading Liquidity (24H Volume)

Very few exchanges are able to boast higher trading volume/liquidity than HitBTC. On most days HitBTC’s daily bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading volume is $1 billion or more. This ensures that the most popular cryptocurrencies on their exchange have plenty of trading volume, allowing you to buy and sell instantly without delay or worrying about finding a seller or a buyer.

Ease of Use / Traders’ Experience Level

Opening an account with HitBTC is a breeze, that only takes a few minutes, at most! If you have traded before, you will feel right at home with HitBTC.

With HitBTC you can quickly get an overview of several markets at once through their in-page watchlists – which you can also fully customize to your preferred coins to watch. This list naturally includes volume, price and daily change.

You will be able to create market orders and limit orders, including the classic stock functionalities; Good-till-cancelled, Immediate or cancel, fill or kill, date and good-till date and time. With their “scaled” options. With HitBTC you can also set scale orders for buy and sell, giving you greater control over your trading experience.

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