The Binance Listing Effect
The Binance Effect Insights

The Binance Listing Effect

Binance listing effect is impossible to ignore. The last 3 cryptocurrencies (now 4) that were added after the announcement on the official Binance blog, all saw a massive parabolic price rise.

Binance is one of the world’s largest and most reputable crypto exchanges today. It launched following a massive ICO in 2017, raising $8+ Million within 24 hours. Their influence in the community cannot be underestimated.

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The Bittrex effect used to be well-known, before Binance and the 2017s historic bull-run. If a cryptocurrency got listed on Bittrex, it was guaranteed that the price would explode. Bittrex has since fallen in its dominance and is now currently ranked in the top 60 of all exchanges on the market today.

Binance has since taken Bittrex place, so when we refer to the Binance effect we simply mean that coins that are announced for listing on their exchange through their official blog (NOT Binance DEX!) result in a massive and immediate price explosion. We examine three (now 4) cryptocurrencies that were announced for listing recently and the following Binance listing effect that ensued.

Last Updated: 07/25/2019

Dusk Network (DUSK) – Listed on 22nd July 2019

Dusk Network token was announced and then listed on Binance exchange on the 22nd July 2019. Within minutes of announcement on the official Binance blog, DUSK saw a massive spike in price. As was expected, the rise in its price was naturally short-lived, following the same pattern identified in the previous 3 listing announcements on Binance, here below. In a matter of 2 hours and 30 minutes, DUSK saw a parabolic rise of 164.7% (DUSK rose from 2207 satoshis to 5842 satoshis) before finally and rapidly moving back down to where it was before the listing was announced. 3 days on from its original Binance listing, DUSK is trading at a lower price than just before its listing announcement, currently trading at 1779 satoshis.

Needless to say that if you use the Binance blog as a potential trading signal, it is crucial that enter the trade early, ideally as one of the first, or there is a high risk that you will be found on the wrong side of the trade, resulting in instant and potentially massive losses.

Bezant (BZNT) – Listed on 10th July 2019

Bezant announced just a day ago that it was now suddenly listed on Binance Dex (their decentralized platform). This came out of nowhere, and so did its immediate price explosion following its listing. It rose by over 409.20% in a 13 hour period. Bezant increased from 174 satoshis to 886 satoshis over the past day. Its trading volume also saw similar gains, with a massive 360% increase in the same time period. While this was no new high for the coin, it is nonetheless a very impressive feat and a testament to just how big the Binance effect is.

Binance Listing Bezant Price Explosion

Dogecoin (DOGE) – Listed on 5th July

DOGE is a bit of a fan favorite in the market. It was started mainly as a joke back in 2013, and has had a lot of volatility over the years, but has since gained more credibility over the years, even if its original intention is still tied to the name.

Upon the announcement that Binance was going to list Dogecoin on their main crypto exchange, the prices on its current exchanges went parabolic. Dogecoin’s price increased from 28 sat to 39 sat over a 4 hour period. Although this was not as impressive as Bezant’s, it still resulted in a 39.29% increase in price accompanied with over three times its normal trading volume. Dogecoin has since fallen back to the 28 sat region. While some retracement here was expected, this was arguably made worse by Bitcoin also attempting to reach new highs, resulting in all altcoins bleeding, and Dogecoin was no exception to that rule.

Dogecoin Binance Listing Price Explosion July 2019

Fantom (FTM) – Listed on 10th June

Fantom was listed on Binance on the 10th of June 2019. As with the previously highlighted coins, Fantom had the exact same pattern. Immediately upon the announcement that Binance would list Fantom on their main crypto exchange, FTM increased by 75.27% in price over a 7 hour period. Before launching on Binance it was trading at 279 sats per coin, and over the next seven hours, its price increased to 489 sats. Its trading volume saw similar, but perhaps even more impressive, boost in its previous day’s trading volume, increasing by over five times.

Fantom July 2019 Binance listing price explosion

Why the Binance Effect?

You might rightfully be wondering why these occur when coins are announced for listing on Binance. Binance is a market leader, an authoritative voice. It is trusted, and it has a massive reach. Their customer database is well over 10 million registered users. They have more than 1 million twitter followers and even their CEO has nearly 400,000 personal followers on his Twitter channel. Needless to say, their reach is massive and their influence is extraordinary. Traders are always looking for improving fundamentals to find anything that may result in a quick return on their investment.

The key to any Binance listing is to catch the news early on and to invest in the coins before or right at the announcement. Once they have reached their high, your investment is at risk, based on the pattern that we have explored for the above-mentioned cryptos.

How do I find out what Binance will be Listing?

Staying ahead of the crowd is very important if you want to get in on the action early on. There are numerous channels that will be important and vital for you to follow regularly if you want to stay up to date. It requires some dedication, as missing it by just a few hours, maybe enough for you to be too late. But if you do catch it early on, the upside is extremely high.

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